Description of event

You the wire and release gravity roll on the cable up to 8 meters above the level of the river, then up. Finally settle back to the lowest point. Accelerate UP speed 160 km / hour Feel the past airflow. You are taken back to the launch pad for a recovery mechanism. Return to the cafeteria and enjoy viewing your photos and video of the jump. Normally, he did it by 2 or s3 people in tandem. It can be done only at an additional cost. Do not forget to collect Dare Go certificate.

In this emotion strong activity, participants are exploited to the cable and the release cable roller 7 meters above the river, then turn back and eventually return and settle at the lowest point. Accelerate to a speed of 150 km / hour and feel the flow of air in front of you. You are taken back to the launch pad for a recovery mechanism. The Flying Fox diving platform is 120 meters high.

A flying fox in rishikesh is a cable car up to hundreds of meters in length often driven by gravity, and is used as a game element for individuals. Flying fox can be operated manually, but in some places like Rishikesh is a platform fox long flight was made and handled by experts with hydraulic safety equipment.


Tuesday Closed

(Other Days) 7:30 am - 05:00 pm


Village Mohan Chatti Jogyana