Rock Climbing/Rappelling

Description of Activity

The Shivalik ranges features straight mountains that are appropriate for rock climbing. The adventure is all about reaching the top of the cliff with the help of cords and natural grips. Mountaineering needs prowess and techniques. The climbers should be physically fit to take up the challenges of rock-climbing/rappelling. Ascent takes more stamina and energy than the descent. This challenge is a passion for some and fun for others.

The adventure doesn't restrain anyone and is enjoyed by men, women and children. The stretch of the trip depends on the tolerance level of the climber. Novice climbers who are climbing for mere fun can take up a short stretch of cliffs and adventurous mountaineer, who indulge in this sport for their passion, take up a longer stretch. Climbing over the Shivalik Himalayan Cliffs is more like a practicing session to them. People of all ages are seen hiking up and making the best of their stay.

Rock climbing/rappelling is not an easy adventure and needs diligence. Travelers who are new to mountaineering must heed the introductory sessions given by expert climbers and instructors. These sessions will help them to understand the technicalities and obstacles of this adventure. Moreover, the climbers must gear up with essential equipments that are needed to climb over the cliffs. Following are some significant points that a climber must keep in mind before hiking.


All Days Open

Best Time 8:00 am - 04:00 pm


Village Phool Chatti Neelkanth Road